What are the do’s and dont’s of piercing?

When you are having your nipples pierced you must have them measured before the piercing, as they will swell afterwards. This affects the choice you make about nipple jewellry, often wearing
barbels are more comfortable on a daily basis, with rings worn on a special occasion.

For women having the clitoral hood pierced is a very popular and it gives the woman a lot of stimulation. While a clitoral piercing is very pleasurable, it can depend on the size of a woman’s clitoris, if it is too small it can have difficulty in healing. Labia piercing has a long history, first used many hundred of years ago, with rings on each side of the labia padlocked as a means of imposing chastity. Now this is purely decorative. Labia piercing should be done above the vagina, and it is important that if you are having more than one piercing not to place them opposite each other, as this can cause irritation.

Penis piercing in men is done for decoration and pleasure, with the most common one called a Prince Albert, after the monarch of the same name who had such a piercing. In this a ring pierced through the fraenulum, the sensitive place below the head of the penis, on the underside and comes out through the eye of the penis. This gives a pleasurable sensations as the ring rubes against the inside of the urethra which is lined with nerve endings. The ring also gives stimulation to the partner during love making. The Ampallang is a horizontal barbel through the head of the penis, which also creates many pleasurable sensations for a lover. In Borneo all men are expected to have them to delight their partner. With this piercing it is important never to pierce through the shaft of the penis, as it contains two large blood vessels if punctured will not allow the penis to become erect.