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In the time of lockdown

For many of us this time is one of high anxiety as the weeks of lock down roll into months of uncertainty about our world and the way we live. Will there ever be a time when life goes back to normality and what will that look like ? Many things are starting to go back to semi-normality, with social distancing being the norm. However underlying this is a sense of worry about our everyday life with a strong sense of grief that permeates our consciousness, because it is a loss of safety, emotionally, physically, economically and collectively. David Kessler […]

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Having watched Netflix Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak, I learned about the fragile balance between animal species passing on diseases to humans and the long history of this happening with Tuberculosis, Mad Cow Disease, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and Ebola. The farming of live-stock be it birds, pigs, cattle as well as wild birds and bats can all have a influential part in passing diseases onto us. We can learn from history what has been helpful with previous epidemics in relation to COVID19 and take health guidelines very seriously. In 1918 there was world devastation on a mass […]

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Life under COVID19

Karl Jung believed that in times of difficulty there is an opportunity to make profound changes in your life to re-evaluate what is important and assesses priorities. In previous generations economic depressions and wars gave individuals perspective about giving back and keeping life simple, perhaps we will look back on this time as a gift to appreciate the small things in life. Feeling grateful for health, social freedom, kindness and nature.

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