Having watched Netflix Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak, I learned about the fragile balance between animal species passing on diseases to humans and the long history of this happening with Tuberculosis, Mad Cow Disease, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and Ebola. The farming of live-stock be it birds, pigs, cattle as well as wild birds and bats can all have a influential part in passing diseases onto us.

We can learn from history what has been helpful with previous epidemics in relation to COVID19 and take health guidelines very seriously. In 1918 there was world devastation on a mass level with the Spanish Flu that ended up killing more people than in WW1. USA was very badly affected except for Oakland California as they enforced stringent lockdown measures by closing schools, churches and implemented hygiene measures. A hundred years later we are going through the same protocol to keep our health safe.

At this time there are many health care professional on the frontline we are grateful to as we have learnt over the previous months how vulnerable the human race is.

Dr Jacob Glanville founder of BIO has been working for many years on antibodies therapy (used on contain Ebola) to neutralise Flu/Influenza that is applicable to the Corona Virus and wants his discovery to be available world-wide. Recent financial support from Bill Gates is making this possible with trials.

In the mean time keep safe and follow Government guildlines.