Jo-Anne Baker

B.A. Grad Dip Psy. M.A. C.Psych. M.A. Human Services (Rehabilitation Counselling) Cert.Clin.Hyp

Specialising in counselling and coaching for individual & couples

Author of: Self Sexual Healing, Finding Pleasure Within and Sex Tips: Advice from Women Experts Around The World; both published by Allen & Unwin in Australia, Vision in UK, Hunter in USA. Riding The Sexual Frontier, all you ever wanted to know about men and sex, published by Harper Collins Australia, Vision in UK.

Owner of The Pleasure Spot, established in 1993-2013, which was the first sex shop in Australia to cater to women and couples in a respectful, educational capacity.

She has been interested in health and well-being since an early age, studying Eastern life style, including macrobiotics and Japanese medicine, Ayurveda, meditation, hypnotherapy and spirituality. Over the past few year she has also researched the influence of neuroplasticity on changing patterns and ageing.

Jo-Anne has had a varied career including a period in retail, introducing Japanese Futons to Australia, several years as a stylist and wardrobe mistress on numerous TV shows and commercials. In addition she has also taught cooking, astrology and colour therapy.

The Pleasure Spot 1993 -2013. It was the first company in Australia to focus on women and couples sexuality from an educational perspective. Jo-Anne also ran numerous workshops to support individuals and couples in connect with their body and improving their sex life.

Over the past 20 years she has worked as a counsellor assisting people to find happiness and balance in areas of anxiety, depression, sexuality and relationship. She runs her private practice from Sydney working with individuals and couples.


In Jo-Anne’s counselling sessions she focuses on giving her clients the practical tools for them to make changes in their lives. She uses practical, solutions focused techniques assisted with neuroplasticity research to support clients to make the changes they wish. Jo-Anne draws on her trained in psychology, sociology as well as hypnotherapy and meditation. Over the years she has successfully worked with thousands of people to assist and help them with their issues, for both singles and couples. 93% of people who have had sessions say that their well being, and dealing with their issues has significantly improved.

Mental Health Issues-Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety is an important survival mechanism however when our thinking pattern overly focuses on worrying about the future especially on events that might/will never happen or lamenting about the past, mental health issues can arise, such as depression.

Jo-Anne has worked successfully to support clients in changing anxious, negative, critical thought patterns to be able to step back from these ways of thinking and to feel different. It takes a 1000 times to ‘think differently’ to change neurological thinking patterns therefore Jo-Anne draws on practical implementations to reinforce this to make assist to make lasting change.

Sex & Relationship Counselling

Most people experience sexual, relationship or emotional problems at some point in their life. There are many physical and emotional reasons why this happens e.g. personal background, stress, tiredness, illness, hormonal level as well as family and work pressure.

Some of the issues that clients come to see Jo-Anne about:

  • Anxiety & depression
  • Loss of libido
  • Orgasmic difficulties
  • Vaginismus, vulvodynia-Pain on intercourse
  • Difficulty conceiving
  • Sexual repression or past traumas
  • Low self-esteem or body image
  • Wanting to expand pleasure and intimacy
  • Single and finding it difficult to form a intimate relationship
  • Premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction


These sessions provide on-going support, where hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques are adapted to complement positive change that has occurred.

Couples Counselling

Talking to friends and family is important to give you the sense of empathy and connection to life. Unfortunately this becomes unhinged if you really want to change patterns. Often others do not see your issues or problems objectively, bringing with them their own unhelpful projections into the situation.

Many couples who come for counselling are not only in crisis but have targeted areas in their life that are no longer working. They want to learn new skills to communicate without anger and resentment.

Jo-Anne’s teaches couples of all sexual orientation;

  • How to listen, stay relaxed and connected with one another.
  • Use non-confrontational language.
  • Learn to see that maybe some issues cannot be resolved and yet to learn how to put them in perspective.
  • Utilise ways to create closeness.
  • Focus on what works in the relationship rather than what does not.
  • Develop ways to create intimacy outside the bedroom.
  • Understand love patterns and relationship stages.


According to Relationships Australia the top three issues that cause conflict in relationships are lack of time, lack of understanding and lack of communication. When communication consists of blaming, defensiveness, stone walling or withdrawing into silence, this in turn create a very difficult setting for a individual and couple to move into intimacy.

Jo-Anne helps individuals and couples develop new conversation skills to create a way to listen to one another’s needs and to step away from conflict triggers. She helps the individual/couple focus on the changes that need to be made and gives them a step by step process in developing good skills to discuss issues.

What happens in sessions ?

In complete confidence Jo-Anne will discuss with you what you want to achieve or change in your life and your reasons for doing this. She will focus on the best way forward in your circumstances. She will draw on her experience to develop supportive techniques that have been tailor made for the individual situation.

Jo-Anne does not touch her clients in any way.

Jo-Anne conducts her sessions not only from her practices in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, but also through Skype.

To make an appointment call 0402 033 726


Individual and couples counselling: AU$150.00 for one hour

Payment can be made by cash or direct deposit


” I had been severely depressed and Jo-Anne helped me regulate & change these pattern, by using relaxation and neuroplasticity techniques. I now have a structure I can implement that is effective and use it regularly to help myself to feel better”.

Rachel W., Administrator

“I had sessions with Jo-Anne because I had trouble sexually responding with my partner and have put into practice the breathing and moving techniques that she taught me with wonderful results. I find that I am able to become turned on more easily and my orgasms are now stronger.”

Franchise M., Sales

“Over the months that I have been coming to see Jo-Anne I have noticed my issues dissolve. She provided a safe environment where I was able to trust myself and confront my issues of self confidence and feel understood.”

Anne T., Nursing Don

“We came to therapy because we hadn’t had sex in two years and through our sessions with Jo-Anne we were able to understand how it happened and what we needed to do. This enabled us to learn new techniques around intimacy and communication. Now we realise that it is important to put time aside for our to nurture our relationship and through this our sex life has improved.”

Elizabeth & Robert H., Teachers

“For years I had been struggling with how to improve our sex life and I found the sessions with Jo-Anne to be invaluable. She was able to bring a new level of awareness around sensuality for both of us. We now have become more playful and erotic.”

Donna G. & Robyn B., Photographer & Sales

“I saw Jo-Anne for issues regarding premature ejaculation that I was too embarrassed to even talk to my partner about. Within a few sessions I was able to change this and feel much more confident and more relaxed in my life.”

Frank N., Accountant

“Jo-Anne Baker’s sessions have had a transformative impact on my life. With her profound wisdom, life experience and acute sensitivity she was able to penetrate and unravel my complex issues and empower me to find a new sense of self, acceptance and love. I now walk with a deeper compassion towards myself and my world. Thank you Jo-Anne and I look forward to sharing my magic with others.”

Heidi G., Arts & Theatre Administrator

“Speaking with Jo-Anne was like being with a trusted friend. Through our conversations, my self-esteem improved, and I began to ask for more from my partner and our relationship. We now value and appreciate each other a lot more.”

Elizabeth P., Teacher

“I saw Jo-Anne being interviewed on T.V. saying ‘The most important thing in a relationship is to feel safe to tell your partner how you feel.’ This rang true for me as I was in a difficult relationship and I decided to have a session with her. During our session I found her incredible sensitive to my pain and needs while always seeing something positive in me and my behaviour. Jo-Anne has used hypnotherapy with me and her influence in my life has been remarkable and remains constant. Jo-Anne’s intuition, experience, gentle caring nature has enabled me to grow as a person and learn valuable techniques to feel more at peace with myself and others. She has taught me about personal responsibility and how to nurture myself.”

Maria C., Manager & Trainer

Public Speaking/Motivational Lectures

Jo-Anne has presented numerous talks on Sex & Relationships, Sexuality & Ageing In Today’s Society, Improving The Quality Of Life As We Age, Positive Ageing.

Jo-Anne has lectured many groups and organisations about relationships and sexuality as well as tailoring her lectures to suite any situation. These talks have included health professional, community groups well as the general public.

Some of the organisations she has lectured at include: Assert, Sexual Nurses Association, Alma Doctors Conference, Women’s Business Network, Wiso, B-Nai Brith, Camp Eden, Golden Door health retreat, Health Centre’s in Maitland, Leichhardt and Parramatta menopause clinic, plus support of local community women’s projects.

Quality of Life – Deakin University, Melbourne

Nothing remains the same everything changes: improving quality of life with positive thought, diet and exercise. Presented by Esme Holmes & Jo-Anne Baker

Smart Business Magazine articles written by Jo-Anne on Building Rapport and Where to for Baby Boomer.

Notebook Magazine Interview on Jo-Anne Baker

3rd International Conference Healthy Ageing and Longevity – Convention Centre Melbourne

Nothing remains the same everything changes: improving quality of life with exercise and positive thought. Presented by Esme Holmes & Jo-Anne.

Sexuality and Ageing in Today’s Society Presented by Jo-Anne

Channel TVS Conversations With Robyn Jo-Anne interviewed

Sam in The City Sydney Morning Herald on line, Jo-Anne interviewed

The 15th National Convention of Australian Hypnotherapists – Macquarie University Sydney

Getting the most out of your sex life. Presented by Jo-Anne


“I’ve learnt more in Jo-Anne’s one hour lecture than I have in two marriages.”

“As a nurse working in the area of sexuality I have found Jo-Anne’s presention to be informative and fun, and now I have many more resources to pass onto my clients.”

“Jo-Anne presented a very interesting topic at our Hypnotherapy Conference, called “Getting The Most out of Your Sex Life”. I must say that I didn’t quite know what to expect but went into the room with an open mind. Jo-Anne’s knowledge and advice on sex therapy is second to none. She must be a breath of fresh air to her clients as she made some very apprehensive audience members completely relax and get into the spirit of her presentation. She proceeded to cover sex topics from A to Z and certainly didn’t forget sexual fantasies, testosterone levels and client issues as we age. Well done Jo-Anne and thanks for a most uplifting ( pun intended) presentation.”

Conference Committee ASCH August 2006


Jo-Anne has been interviewed as the owner of The Pleasure Spot a therapist and educator in national magazines, newspapers, TV and radio. She has written for Cleo on line, and The Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper.

2009-2014- Jo-Anne has been researching & studying techniques with nueroplasticity and current psychological trends, with regular interviews in the media.

2011-SBS Series Sex An Unnatural History

2008-Presented at ASCH Conference –Key Ingredients to Making a Relationship Work, Presented at The Australian Women’s Health Nurses Association. Presented at GAMA.

2007-Presented 2nd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Granada University Spain on Positive Ageing and Sageing. Presented to Sexual Nurses association at Sydney Hospital.

2006- Channel 9′s A Current Affair, Cleo on line, Astrology writer for A to Zen magazine, Contributor to New woman magazine on Body language, Cleo magazine, articles written for The Adelaide Advertiser Review Newspaper.Quality of Life, Deakin University Melb Victoria.

2005- Lectured at Relationships Australia/Family Planning in Penrith, Sydney Hospital Sexual Nurses Association, ASSERT, Golden Door Health Resort Elysia.

2005- Sex writer for Cleo on line and regular articles for The Adelaide Advertiser Review Newspaper, contributed to New Women, Cleo magazine articles on relationships and sexuality.

2004- Contributor to ,G-Girl Magazine Lectured at Sydney Hospital Sexual Nurses Association, ASSERT, Golden Door Health Resort Elysia.

2004- BBC TV, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, New Woman, Women’s day, Sunday Telegraph Body & Soul

2003- ABC TV New Dimensions, SBS Mum’s the word, ABC Compass, SMH Good Weekend

2002- TV Beauty and the Beast, Australian, Cleo, The Sun-Herald Tempo.

2001- Big Brother channel 10, Interviews in Cleo, Sydney Morning Herald, Australian and The Pleasure Spot in Women’s Day.

Sex writer for netsite Womenzone ( part of Channel 7′s site, this section now closed )

2000- Sex writer for netsite Womenzone.

Regular interviews in Australian, Telegraph, The Sun-Herald and radio.

Australian Women’s Forum. Contributor to Your Destiny magazine.

1999- ABC James O’Lachlan Program

Regular contributor to Ruth Ostrow’s radio program Triple M.

The Australian, Business Class Weekly, The Sun-Herald, Good Weekend, New Woman, Sydney Morning Herald, Cleo, Max, and Radio interviews.

1998- The Sunday Telegraph, HQ, Max, Woman’s Day, Cosmopolitan, TV and Radio interviews.

1997- Dr Rosie’s column Women’s Day

Spoke on 2UE radio Susie Yates, Ruth Ostrow, regular contributor to Tony McManis program radio 5AA, SA.

1996- Sex expert on Hothouse Internet Site with Dr Feel Good.

SBS TV Sex Life Program- Women & Pornography, Midday Show, Monday to Friday plus many Radio Interviews. Articles Cosmo, SMH, Women’s Day, Telegraph, Australian Women’s Forum, Vogue, Telegraph.

1992-1995 Telegraph, Australian, SMH, Hobart Mercury, Bulletin, New Women, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue.

1994- Dr Feel Good’s radio and TV programs.