How can I find my G-Spot?

The G-Spot was first named by Ernest Graffenberg in the 1940s and has been a controversial subject for many years. It is a cluster of nerve endings and glands which is part of the urethral sponge. Some people believe it to be the female equivalent of the male prostate. When it is stimulated it can produce a secretion of a clear liquid, which is often mistaken for urine. This process is known as female ejaculation. To find the G-Spot place a finger into the vagina and push it forward toward the stomach. Approximately 2 inches, or 5cm, in you will feel skin with a more ribbed or rougher texture than the surrounding tissue. This is the G-Spot and it can be anywhere from half to 1 inch or 2cm-4cm in size. As a woman becomes aroused the tissue swells with blood and it can feel intensely pleasurable.

Encourage your partner to stimulate this point by inserting their finger into your vagina and moving it as if they were ringing a door bell, i.e. in a press/release movement. This technique is more enjoyable than continual pressure applied to the G-Spot. To stimulate the G-Spot externally massage the public mound, which is where your public hair is located. It also feels good to have the clitoris stimulated at the same time with a finger or an external vibrator.

Some women claim they are unable to feel their G-Spot, but I have found during workshops on erotic genital massage, Exercise 5.9, that when a woman is relaxed and aroused, there is definitely a heightened sexual feeling in the area where the G-Spot is located. When the Body, Heart and Soul workshops were held in Australia in the early 1990s we did a wonderful women’s G-Spot exploration session. Women paired up, put on their latex gloves covered them with water-based lubricant and one woman lay on her back, legs apart in a relaxed position. Her partner gently located her G-Spot so she could experience how it felt, we then swapped over. This exercise helped me feel more in touch with my G-Spot and I have found that in my normal lovemaking my G-Spot becomes a heightened area of pleasure. Explore your G-Spot by stimulating it through intercourse, finger insertion, vibrator or dildo play. Some sexual positions, such as ‘doggie style’ are more likely to stimulate the G-Spot, so experiment and have fun. A word of warning, if a woman has been sexually abused, trauma can be lodged in the G-Spot and stimulating it can bring up emotional pain.