What is female ejaculation?

Female ejaculation does exist! The first female ejaculation I ever saw occurred during a workshop in San Francisco in the mid-1990s organised by Annie Sprinkle and Joseph Kramer. This was part of an extraordinary week-long series of hands-on workshops run by 10 sex experts for people of all ages, sexual orientations and levels of experience. During the female ejaculation workshop a lesbian couple graciously demonstrated their amazing technique. I was delighted when I saw the urethral sponge come down from the vagina and be visible as the clear liquid ejaculated. I think all our mouths dropped open, I know mine certainly did.

When the G-Spot part of the urethral sponge is stimulated, a clear liquid can be secreted which some people have likened to the fluid in male ejaculate. It can occur during regular love making, but seems to be more common when there is G-Spot stimulation as well. Not all women will experience ejaculation, it will depend on the style of orgasm she has, e.g. the clitoral orgasm has an emphasis on warm energy going up the body, while the female ejaculation is a release of energy, with women experiencing a pushing down sensation. To help you learn to ejaculate, use your genital muscles to gently push out, then relax, then push out again. Repeat this as often as possible, approximately 200 times a day, to build up the sexual energy in your body. If the wet spot happens to you, enjoy it