Anal pleasure: what’s it about?

Anal eroticism is surrounded by many powerful taboos in our culture, and yet millions of men & women find anal play incredibly enjoyable. Pressure and fullness in the rectum feels pleasurable to many men & women, just as vaginal fullness feels pleasurable to many women. Anal penetration can stimulate both the perineal area and G-Spot in women and the bulb of the penis and prostate gland in men.

The external skin surrounding the anus has many nerve endings, when massaged with oil or lubricant it can be a wonderful way to relax the body & feel sensual. It can take from 10-20 minutes of massage before the body feels relaxed. It’s important not to rush anal play, concentrate on relaxing the breath, inhale and tighten your pelvic muscles, exhale and release your muscles.

Remember when using condoms and vinyl gloves they will break down with oil, so it’s better to use a water- based lubricant.

A fun thing to do is introduce toys externally during the massage, things with a  soft smooth surface like rubber, silicon dildos, butt plugs and vibrators, intermingled with rotating thumbs, fingers & knuckles, please make sure your finger nails are filed smoothly. It’s easy to scratch or tear the tissue of the rectum, and for bodily fluids to pass from the rectum into your bloodstream. Please remember to use lots of lubricant, because the anus & rectum does not produce any natural lubrication. I find that the use of latex or vinyl gloves with anal play have a great feel and are so easy to dispose of when you’ve finished. Also remember when sharing toys always use condoms.

When playing with women anally, be aware not to take any of the massage strokes or toys towards into the vagina from the anus because bacterial infection can occur. Oral sex or rimming, can be enjoyed by placing a length of glad wrap or dental dam, against the anus. Using a blob of lubricant on the inside against the anus provides a really nice feel.

The most common techniques for play includes touching the anal opening with a finger while masturbating or stimulating a partner’s anus, during intercourse or oral sex. Try moving your finger in gently, leaving it in until the anus relaxes, then in and out with circular movement. Also angling your finger towards the front of the body, will massage the perineal sponge & G-Spot in women and in a man the prostate gland, which is a nut like bulb at the top of the rectum.

Once the anal area is totally relaxed you may like to insert a finger about 1 1/2″ or 4 cm into the anus. When you press your fingertips against the side, you will feel the two sphincter muscles. The external sphincter is controlled by the central nervous system, you can easily tense and relax this muscle when ever you want. The internal sphincter is different because it is controlled by the involuntary or autonomic part of the nervous system, which governs such functions as heartbeat and stress response. A self exploratory massage in the shower can help you relax, giving you more idea of how your sphincter muscles work.

If you force your way into the anus, it can result in excruciating pain, with practice and patience, it’s possible to gain some control over this internal sphincter, but it will always tense up if you insert too much too soon. The primary association we all have with pressure in our rectum is that we’re about to defecate, so it takes sometime for the body to adjust to the new sensation. The main function of the rectum is to act as a passageway for faeces. But faeces are not normally stored in the rectum except just prior to bowel movement. Yet small amounts may remain in the rectum, anal douching before play can help some people to feel more relaxed.

The rectum tilts towards the front of body, a few inches in then curves back, sometimes as much as 90 degrees. Then after a few more inches it swoops back towards the front of the body. Because of the angle it’s important take that into consideration when placing anything into the rectum. 8″ -20 cm should be the maximum inserted, if not it could cause problems in the intestines. When using anal toys make sure they are smooth & seamless with wide flared bases to prevent them being pulled up into the rectum. Anal beads are fun to pull out as you’re orgasming.

The pleasure derived from being penetrated results from the internal massaging pressure and fullness in the rectum. Few women, however reach orgasms solely from being anally penetrated. Combining this with other genital stimulation, for example a vibrator on the clitoris, a dildo in the vagina or massaging the penis and testicles. Many people feel that anal intercourse produces unique sensations of serenity and intimacy.

As with all sex it’s important to experiment safely. Hope you enjoy the tips I have put together.

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