I have recently finished Ruby Wax’s book Sane New World, Taming the Mind. She is a comedian who suffers from bipolar and goes on a journey of discovery to help herself.

The main focus is challenging her thinking with the technique of Mindfulness practice being the most helpful.

I was exposed to this approach over 30 years ago when I changed my critical thought pattern that had lead me to become depressed. At the time it was not the well researched area of today to assist health and well-being, it was simply along the lines of Ram Dass’s philosophy to Be Here Now or the de-hypnosis of not being asleep.  So much of our life is spent in thinking about the past or the future, with sprinklings of the present. It takes awareness to come back to the moment and step aside from the noisy internal rhetoric.

Sensual, sexual pleasure is a wonderful teacher to be in the present to appreciate the moment or vagarious exercise to leave the thoughts behind.

I do not think it is ever to late or to early in our life to practice awareness, all I know is the more you practice the easier it becomes and the deeper and richer you experiences.