I think it is important to be inspired in life and to use this to keep stretching yourself. I have recently finished a stint of studying and was looking for something to take me on my next journey of discovery. It came in an unexpected way while watching Michael Palin on Art. This interesting DVD researched the Scottish Colourist during the world wars, five artists who were influenced by painting in France because of the subject and the light (away from the Scottish gray skies). Their work is very well known in the UK where they are even on the walls of the British Prime Minister’s house at 10 Dowling Street. Their paintings are vibrant full of life and colour that have influenced me to enroll in an art class where each couple of weeks uses a different technique to stretch my artistic talent. For neurogenesis it is important to study something that we find difficult so I am back studying Italian grammar that for me is life long pursuit of advancing my memory.

Another inspiration for all of us should be to develop good habits around exercise because as people age they should become more active.  Professor Michael Besser a retired neurosurgeon took up exercise in a big way in his late 50’s to become a Triathlete. He believes it is best to concentrate on one discipline per day, be it swimming, running or cycling. He says “ Triathlon is good for older age group because you are cross training and resting different parts of your body on alternate days”.

Often the most important thing in developing a new healthy habit is to find a buddy to do it with so it becomes a long-term activity, so enjoy!